Kanban, Kaizan Management

Supply Chain Management

Stock Management

Component Manufacture

Project Management

Customer Supply Management

Transparent Costing

Quality Management

Single Source Management

Supplier Benefits

Improved Production Line Forecasts

Lower Cost Administration

More Significant Orders

Improved Production Requirement Planning

Reduced Cost Of Materials

Reduced On Site Inventory

Continued End-Customer Access


Through planned procurement programmes and forecast stock requirements Bar Automotive is able to provide:-

An ‘on demand’ parts supply service to meet the day to day needs of manufactures, and service organisations.

A’direct feed’ service to meet the production line requirements of manufacturers.

Customer Benefits

Higher Component availability

More reliable production line output

Reduced parts lead time

Reduced inventories

Delivery reliability improved

Reduced administration costs

Coler Supply offers a comprehensive range of component supply solutions.

Backed by over 35 years experience as a manufacturer of high precision components, Coler has become a leading figure in the procurement, supply and stock holding of both bespoke and standard components, assemblies, fasteners and fittings.

The massive increase of manufacturing plants in Asia and the Far East has meant that the pricing of engineering components  has become increasingly more competitive. Consequently, global solutions have now become a more attractive & viable cost down solution.

Our team of professionals both in the UK and overseas, backed up by our unique strategic partner alliance software, ensure that the highest possible standards of service are met, eliminating the risk to our clients of dealing with the unknown. Whilst providing a point of contact that has the ability, experience & infrastructure in place to ensure that we can deliver competitively priced,quality assured components to our customers requirements without risk!

We manufacture and supply components to the following industry’s

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Defence
  • Electronic
  • Fasteners
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Nuclear

To see examples of our component solutions, please take a look at our  Product database.