Banjo Bolts Supplier & Manufacturer

Coler Supply Solutions are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality banjo bolts. 

Banjo bolts are commonly used in automotive, oil and hydraulic applications, and we supply any metric or imperial sized banjo bolts that can be used across these industries. We have the capabilities to manufacture any standard size and are able to work with your team to meet your exact specifications – our speciality is custom sizes of banjo bolts. We can also supply any metric or imperial sized washers, these are supplied across many different sectors such as automotive, health care, agriculture and more.

We can manufacture banjo bolts out of plastic, steel, aluminium or brass. We can offer a range of plating options, with anything from zinc plating to GeoMet 500 to phosphating, Let us know your plating requirements and we will be able to find a solution that suits you. 

Our team of professionals in the UK and overseas will always endeavour to manufacture and supply the highest standard of bolts possible. All of our products are competitively priced and quality assured to British ISO standards.

If you are looking for a leading banjo bolts manufacturer, please contact Coler Supply Solutions now.